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Mylar Photo Balloons

Photo balloons printed with your pictures are a hit at every event or party. You can have photo balloons printed to celebrate someone in your family, or to create fun at work.

Mylar balloons are best if you need a smaller number of balloons, and for larger orders we can screen print your family pictures on our standard latex balloons, or on mylars.

When someone sees their face on a balloon they are ALWAYS amazed. Email us your favorite photo and experience it for yourself. Click on the links below to place your order, or use the Quick Quote form to send us your logo file and order details.

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  • Balloons Printed With Pictures

    The best pictures for balloon printing will have a good resolution and a relatively simple composition. A head shot is perfect for printing a face. If you try to print the whole body the image will be a lot narrower on the balloon. A rounded image shape will use the round imprint zone to best advantage.

    Send us your photos now using our Quick Quote form and we can confirm if they are good for balloon printing. Thanks.