Custom Mylar Balloons

Custom Mylar Balloons

Custom Printed Mylar Balloons

Mylar, also known as foil balloons, add an elegant touch to any event. Mylar balloons are very popular for marketing and trade shows because they will float for several days. Best of all, custom mylar balloons are latex-free. This means they can be used in places with a no-latex policy, like hospitals and other institutions.

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Order Mylars with Logo or Message

  • Order 18" Custom Printed Round Mylar Balloons
  • Order 18" Custom Printed Heart Mylar Balloons
  • Order 18" Custom Printed Star Mylar Balloons
  • Order Mylars with Photo Imprint

  • Order 18" Custom Printed Round Photo Mylar Balloons
  • Order 18" Custom Printed Heart Photo Mylar Balloons
  • Order 18" Custom Printed Star Photo Mylar Balloons
  • Order Custom Printed Jumbo 36-Inch Mylars

  • Order 36" Jumbo Custom Printed Mylar Balloons
  • See All Pricing for Custom Balloon Printing

  • See All Pricing for Custom Balloon Printing
  • Ordering Personalized Mylar Balloons

    If you have your artwork or logo file ready, you can go ahead and enter your order via the links above, send it to us by email, or use the Quick Quote form (on the Quick Quote page) to submit your requirements and image file. We can get back to you quickly with proofs and pricing. Please submit your order, or just call us on 1-800-628-9995, toll free in the USA.

    Custom Mylar Balloon Colors and Shapes

    Mylar balloons are available in round, heart, and star shapes. Pick the shape that best matches your message. For a logo or promotional balloon round mylar is usually best in order to maximize the imprint size. Pick a star balloon where the shape matches the message or event where the balloon will be displayed. And obviously, a heart balloon is good for romantic occasions.

    custom foil balloons colors

    Personalized Mylar Colors and Shapes

    Next steps in getting your order printed:

    Pick your color and balloon shape and then send us your logo file or message for imprint. We will arrange the art on the balloons and email you back an proof for approval.

    Once you approve the proof and confirm the order your balloons can be printed and shipped out as fast at 24 hours (depending on how busy our printers are).

    Call now on 1-800-628-9995 to confirm current production times, or use the Fast Response form at the top right of the page.

    Latex Free Mylar Logo Balloons

    Logo printed mylar balloons are increasingly popular at large events and for daily promotional use. Latex balloons are still most commonly used for larger scale occasions due to the lower unit cost, but mylar is often preferred for multi-day events and is generally required in hospitals and other institutions with a no-latex policy.

    Latex Free Balloons

    Order custom mylar balloons if you need a latex-free balloon. Ensure that no allergic reactions can be caused by your balloons. Some schools and most hospitals will require this.