Logo Balloons

Thinking about printing logo balloons for your company? Well, you are in the right place.

BalloonPrinting.com is America’s logo balloon printer and we can get your order printed fast. Call us now or use the Fast Response form just to the right. You can also use our Quick Quote form to send us your requirements for a speedy reply. You can include your logo file if you have it handy so that we can confirm that it is ready to print.

logo balloon

Logo balloon printed for New Balance.

Why Print Balloons With Company Logos?

Company logo balloons will serve you in good stead at a wide variety of events. Your branded balloons can float above the crowd at an outdoor occasion, and are equally at home gracing the centerpiece of the table at a company dinner or other indoor function. In short, your balloons will be a great marketing investment and you will find many uses for them beyond your specific planned event.

And why do we do it? We print balloons because it’s what we do. Our family business is two generations old and still growing strong, right here in the USA.

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Latex Balloons Printed With Your Logo

Our standard 11” latex balloons are most often printed for large events where branded balloons will be distributed by the hundreds or thousands. You can hand out balloons to children and adults all day long at very reasonable cost. Custom printed latex balloons are also available in larger sizes: 17″, jumbo 24″, and giant 36″. Visit our Latex Balloons page to see all the options.

mylar balloon personalized

Mylar promotional balloon.

Mylar Logo Balloons

Foil (or mylar) balloons with a company logo printed on them are popular giveaway and décor item for trade show booths and events.

Mylar is sometimes required in hospitals and other institutions that have a no-latex policy.

Both latex and mylar balloons are welcome at most events, but you will definitely want to check before printing your logo on latex balloons for use in an institution like a hospital.

Mylar balloons can be printed in both 18″ and 36″ sizes. With mylar balloons you can also get different shapes: round, star, and heart.

Visit our Mylar Balloons page to see all the options.

company balloon

Bier Garten Logo Balloon – make you thirsty?

Corporate Balloons

Custom printing balloons permits you to display your corporate logo along with additional promotional messaging. When you order balloons printed you can put your logo on one side of the balloons and put an event-specific or seasonal message on the other side. Your company slogan might be a great thing to print on the second side. You can put whatever you want, in any font you like.

Branded Balloons

So, as you can see, logo balloon printing is an attractive and cost-effective brand activation method. Branded balloons will carry your message to a wide variety of audiences accross many different venues.

No brand activation event is complete without balloons, so order yours today. Call us at (800) 628-9995 to get started.

Latex Balloons With Logo

Customized latex balloons are the best way to put your logo on balloons when you need a lot of balloons. You can print your logo on thousands of latex balloons at a reasonable unit cost. The per balloon cost will fall as you print more balloons. Check the latex balloon printing price list to see how it works.