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Custom Balloons – Printed Latex

Screen printing custom balloons creates a direct ink transfer offering more even and solid ink distribution resulting in superior quality. Because a screen is made for each order custom logos and fonts can be done at no additional charge. There are many ink colors to choose from. Please consider the color of the custom printed balloons when choosing the ink color since some blending and discoloration may occur. Logos can be emailed to

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Custom Helium Balloons

Latex custom balloon

50 Year Anniversary Balloon.

When you custom print balloons you need to ask whether your balloons will be helium quality. Here at the answer is always YES.

Helium Quality Custom Balloons

The latex balloons we print on are sourced primarily from two American brands: Tuff-Tex and Qualatex. These latex balloons are durable and colorful, and are definitely made to hold helium. A high-quality helium-filled latex balloon will float for up to 12 hours, if not pre-treated with Hi-Float. A treated balloon can float for days.

Both Qualatex and Tuff-Tex offer a premium latex for durability and helium retention.

If you are inflating a large number of helium balloons for an event you will want to inflate them on the morning of the event rather than the night before – unless you want to put Hi-Float in your balloons. This extra step is worth it if you absolutely need your balloons to float a long time.

custom made balloons

Custom promo balloon

Helium Quality Mylar Balloons

When it comes to mylar balloons all the balloons we print on will hold helium for days. Unlike latex, mylar is always pretty much helium-tight. Due to the nature of the foil material used in mylar balloon fabrication it is very hard for the helium to escape from a properly sealed balloon. The result is that all our mylar balloons are helium-quality and can float for days under good conditions.

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