Balloon Colors for Custom Printing With Your Logo

Ordering custom printed balloons for the first time can seem a little complicated, in part because of the need to choose a balloon finish (standard, crystal, or metallic) with limited knowledge of the differences. Add to that options for latex or mylar balloons, and a selection of sizes and shapes to choose from, and the decisions can seem daunting. This blog post will clarify the differences between the three types of latex balloon with the goal of helping you order latex logo balloons with the balloon finish that will work best for your situation.

Standard Finish Balloons

The balloon printing industry uses the term “standard” for latex balloons with a partially solid or “opaque” color. Standard balloon colors are created by mixing an opacifier into the liquid latex during balloon manufacturing. The result is a latex that presents a solid surface and becomes partially transparent when it stretches out during balloon inflation. custom printed standard balloons

Characteristics of Standard Latex Balloons

Standard color balloons are generally slightly cheaper than crystal or metallic finish balloons and are the kind of balloon used most often in custom balloon printing. When we print a logo or message on your balloons we generally want a background that will provide good contrast with the imprint, and a more solid background color usually works best.


Standard balloons are commonly used for both stock printed and custom printed balloons, and are also the most popular colors for unprinted balloons – likely due to the price point. Please visit our gallery for examples of custom printed latex balloons.

Crystal Balloons – Transparent

Crystal balloons are largely transparent when inflated and will have a shiny surface. Different from the standard balloons, crystal (AKA jewel tones) balloons are made without an opacifier. However; the un-inflated balloons will not be transparent, and this sometimes causes confusion. When you recieve your order of personalized crytal balloons they will be solid until you inflate them. shiny crystal balloon colors

Characteristics of Crystal (Jewel Tone) Balloons

Crystal balloons will generally cost more than standard latex balloons and when they are used in the production of personalized balloons we will usually print in white ink. The white ink provides the best contrast with a shiny transparent background. If you print a black image on a crystal balloon the imprint is hard to see against the shiny surface.


Crystal finish latex balloons are printed for parties and special events, and are not as often used as standard finish balloons at outdoor shows or other situations where a large quantity of logo balloons will be distributed. Crystal balloons are more often used for décor than for distribution. There is no reason why you could not hand out logo imprinted crystal balloons, but usually when branding is the primary objective a standard color is a better match for the original logo colors.

Metallic Balloon Colors

Metallic latex balloons offer the most opaque (solid) surface of all the balloon types, due to the addition of a metal flake powder coating on the interior of the balloon. This additional treatment adds to the cost while increasing opacity and somewhat reducing the flexibility of the natural latex.

Characteristics of Metallic Balloons

Metallic balloon will be a little more fragile than standard and crystal finish balloons. The metallic powder coating the inside of the balloon has the effect of partially constraining the elasticity of the latex, so metallic balloons will not inflate quite as large as the other types. This is not noticiable unless you mix bunches standard and metallic balloons together in the same bunch. Metallic balloons are not recommended for outdoor display due to their reduced strength. They are perfect for indoor décor or for whenever your message or branding is aligned with a premium product.

Here are just a few of the metallic balloon colors we have available for your order: metal balloon colors


Metallic balloons are chosen for logo printing for two main reasons:

  • The metallic finish is selected to convey the sophistication and richness of the event at hand.
  • The brand image and colors match with the metallic finish.
  • A metal balloon is often chosen for a wedding or premium corporate event. In this situation the metallic balloons will support the overall richness of the décor and convey the message that no expense was spared. Balloons can be a cheap and effective décor element – but metallic balloons add sophistication and elegance. Some brands have a natural affinity for a metallic balloon. Think of Subaru and dark blue metallic balloons or a jewelry store and silver and gold balloons.

    Custom Print Your Logo on the Right Kind of Balloon

    We hope that this information will inform your choice of balloon finish for your next order of custom balloons.

    In summary, you will usually want to use standard color balloons where your objective is to present your company logo on a high contrast background that aligns with your brand colors. Crystal balloons are also a good option for promotion, but you will usually want to print in white ink to get a high contrast. When using crystal balloons the best option is often to select balloons that match your brand color as the logo will be in white.

    Crystal balloons are excellent for when you want to print assorted colors, as your white logo imprint will work on all the crystal colors while giving you a veritable rainbow of bright and shiny balloons. Choose metallic finish balloons for premium décor applications and whenever your brand or messaging aligns with the sophisticated look of a metal finish.

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